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02-29-2012, 04:54 PM
Originally Posted by Forgotten-Nemesis View Post
My answer would be:

Excelsior damage potential + Excelsior healing potential + Star cruiser science potential. Think about it:


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That's pretty close to being an overpowered combination of boffs. I'm kind of getting tired of people saying "you need DHC or your ship is useless as a combat boat". Good turning isn't only useful to keep your forward arc on target at all times. It's also good for evading hits and keeping your defense stat up.

By the way, have you tried the Galor with DBBs and beam overload 3? Or 7-8 arrays with fire at will? Sure the Excelsior can do that, but the Galor can also have attack pattern beta, tactical team, emergency power to weapons 3, directed energy modulation 3, torpedo spread and fire at will all going at once and turn into a DPS monster.
I'm not saying DHC are required, broadsiding works just fine. I'm just saying, using cannons like the OP said is pointless imo... DHC, HC, BA or DBB are all fine to use, but just a regular cannon? I personally havent found a good use for those...

Cannon + turret like the OP mentioned just sounds horrible to me. But again, to each their own.

As for your last paragraph, honestly I dont use cruisors too much, but can't the Excelsior use all those abilities too? The only difference in terms of BO slots between the galor and excelsior is an ensign engineer becomes an ensign science... personally I prefer the engineer... but all of the other abilities you mentioned work perfectly fine on an excelsior as well as a galor, so I still dont see a reason to use the galor over an excelsior (though I'll be happy to hear how that's wrong...)

Though you might have a point with the DBB + BO3... with the turn rate, might be fun...