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02-29-2012, 05:06 PM
Originally Posted by latfreya
So, in other words Perfect World makes out like capitalists, they charge you to buy CP at a loan sharks rates to buy items in game.
At the $5 option this is 10 cents on the dollar.
Kind of like going to the local shark and asking for a loan to gamble to me.
It should be a 1 to 1 ratio.
Star Trek Online

5 ZEN = 4 C-Points
100 ZEN = 80 C-Points

Again, other games which I will not name here that I play are an even exchange one dollar gets you one dollar in game.
It is just dissapointing to me when other games do an even rate

So if Perfect World owns STO and I have to buy Zen to get CP it sounds like double dipping to me.

Just saying
First, as I suspected above, no where on that picture does it say Cryptic Points. You are buying Zen there, not CPs.

PWE game items and Cryptic game items have two different values. In PWE games 1 Zen equals $0.01. In Cryptic games 1 CP equals $0.0125.

$5.00 in Zen is 500 points. $5.00 in CP is 400 pts. You're not losing anything because you can buy the same amount of things with 500 Zen pts in PWE games as you can for 400 CPs in Cryptic games.

It's just a straight mathematical conversion. You're not getting cheated out of 100 points. You're getting $5.00 worth of goods for $5.00 in both games.