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# 19 store_buyitem
02-29-2012, 05:39 PM
Can anyone show me a properly formatted version of the command "store_buyitem"

I tried using it, and it spits out that it must be in the following format

/store_buyitem <string> <int> <int>

I understand that <string> can contain any alpha-numeric, and <int> can only handle numbers. There isn't any guidance past this. Can you do it from anywhere? If so, do you have to provide the vendor in <string>? Why are there 2 <int> parameters? Is one for the amount you want to buy and the other the conformation value (0 or 1)? Do they both represent parts of the amount, such as 25 = 2 5? Or is it representative of slot-number and then amount?

It would be most appreciated if someone could post an example for each of these commands lines, rather than the ambiguous generic format.

I am trying to use this prescribed function to bypass the obvious failures of the programmers for this game. They still can't figure out how to make the blue doffs purchasable from Lt. Ferrea. They are supposed to be available after rank 3 in any commedation rank. I imagaine what they did was not compensate for array length. It would be nice to purchase them directly, without an interface.