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I know there are other threads about the game client patching after you exit. But I am having a weird issue.

This started yesterday when I finished playing. I exited and the game client start downloading a Patch. I just said "ok?" and left my computer running to install it. The next day, I come online to play. (My computer had not restarted during the night as everything was where I left it, (plus I turned off the automatic restart BS on windows)

I log in, and get to character selection, select my character, and game loaded to DS9. I then proceeded to beam out out the station to my ship, load screen came up, finished loading and then I saw my ship. Just as I went to Warp out of the system, the game crashed.

Re-logged in, selected my character, loaded, showed my ship, and then crashed yet again. I tried this on all 3 off my toons, same thing.

So I did some reading and I read out starting your patch from fresh, to delete the Live Folder, and launch he game client. I did this, and game ran perfectly fine, except for the fact I had to re-adjust all of my settings, but whatever, that is a mute issue.

After I finished playing today, I exited as normal, and same thing, the game client started doing the patch again. So I let it do its thing, thinking maybe, MAYBE, something messed up on my end during the patch install. Couple hours later, I came back, logged in, went to character selection, and I got to about 40% on the loading screen and crashed, tried over and over 5 times...

Does anyone have some incite into this? I'm convinced now that it is 90% the patch that installs/downloads when I exit.

Sorry for the length, but I want to try and give step by step of what I have done for clarification purposes.

Thanks in Advanced!!