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02-29-2012, 07:48 PM
Originally Posted by grandrogue
The first part wasn't too hard, after I figured out to target the worker bees first then take out the fighters. but the second part has me stumped. I have the engineering report as to the sequence but I can't see to start the scans shen I get near each derelict. I hit V for scan, I try F to use. nothing happens. I guess I'm dense. What am I missing?
You have to get within 1km of the object in question, and you will only get a response from the object that matches your profession. But a watchword; try to approach the activity items in such a way that their name isn't in the middle of the screen; otherwise, the pop-up action dialogue will blot out what kind of salvage it is and you won't know what to do.

Between that, and knowing you can get insanely close to the Idran Swarmers at this point of the game without them even noticing you means that I can complete the second part in about 5 minutes.

The first part, however, remains very difficult, frustrating and infuriating; even though I know to attack the bees first. It's near-impossible to do with a Tactical character because the fighters like to blow you up before you can even target the bees.

There's also been an ongoing issue with targeting going screwy during the first part of the mission. My options are all set to attack without targeting first, and for tab to select targets offscreen, but in play, it often just refuses to do that, so I spend long times not firing at anything because my weapons just won't fire. And give me a break; I'm old. Fast-moving targets are a pain in the arse for me