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02-29-2012, 07:51 PM
For reference, the term Dreadnought rarely if ever can be applied to a Carrier type of ship. Typically the term Dreadnought (at least within the Navies of most of the real world) references a type of ship that utilizes large amounts of guns, usually with really high caliber ammunition.

As such the use of the Exploration Class Dreadnought as a Gunship is typical for what can be expected of most Dreadnoughts. As such I highly expect that if the Jupiter Class Dreadnought is added to the game, it too will be designed explicitly for the purpose of being a gun ship, though on a much grander scale than even the Exploration Class Dreadnought.

My personal opinion is that the Federation does not really need a carrier type ship, but that is a discussion best saved for the thread specifically designated for that topic in another section of this forum.