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02-29-2012, 09:05 PM
Originally Posted by helixsunbringer
Cyell, I suppose it is pointless to point out to you that with your Dreadnaught Build you are going to have the problem of having to be facing your opponent or at least be within 90 degree's of facing your opponent in order to get all 8 of your weapons firing simultaneously?

I ask because if it isn't pointless to point this out then you should know that without a full complement of RCS Accelerators it is going to be difficult for any cruiser to consistently be facing it's opponents with the frequency needed to pull what you want to be doing off. Add to the fact that if you go with a full complement of RCS Accelerators that you are going to have the drawback of not being able to utilize Armor Consoles, or Power Transfer Consoles or whatever else you may desire to be utilizing for your ship's defense or offensive capabilities. This could seriously hamper your ships capabilities.

In my opinion these drawbacks ultimately make the Dragon Cruiser Build superior to the build you designed Cyell. The only reason I think this way is because it is infinitely easier to broadside an opponent and get 7 out of the 8 weapons firing at the opponent, than it is to go head on against the opponent in a cruiser and hoping to get all 8 weapons firing. But that is just my opinion.
Well it's 180 deg. The 90 deg is only for the torp/DBB, which if you wanted to replace either one for a 3th/4th cannon, you would have 180 deg firing arc on all 7/8 weapons. I mean, the build isn't set in stone, you can make changes to it as you see fit. And even with 3 or 4 cannons the dps is still slightly higher than beams. And currently I run 3 cannons + torp, and use TT instead of BOL for better survivability.

The RCS is useless on a dread as the base turn is so low that the RCS would do almost nothing for it.

So the problem with face time with an opponent... This is in fact a problem with the dread, however please think of it this way:

1) An enemy cruiser would want you in his 70 deg arc, and you want him to be in you 180 arc. Although technically it'll only be 90 deg since you'll only realistically see an opponent either on your left or right side of your 180 arc. However that is still 90 deg.

2) The damage out put is at least the same, if not slightly higher with cannons. But you do get higher number of procs because of CRF, which if you're lucky and disable engines, comes in very handy. In return it is much more difficult to pilot, which seems a decent trade off, so everyone has to decide what's right for them. I just personally prefer the higher dps, and am willing to put in the extra effort for face time.

3) Even if you run 7 or 8 beams, you will still have to get someone in your 45 deg arc at some point for the lance. If you don't then it is wasted dps, or you might as well get an assualt cruiser for more turn rate. So if you're going to have to do it anyway... might as well get the extra dps out of it... I don't know, does that make sense?

Now... am I saying the dragon is bad? No. Not at all. However it is pretty much just a standard beam boat, and I have one of those also, just on an assualt cruiser (see #3 above). So the thing that sets dragon's build apart is his BO skills, and chaining 4 em-powers; very creative use of them. However that trade dps/utility for survival, which really is just up to your tastes.

The last thing I'd like to note is that the beams do offer one very significant advantage over what I use, and that is the movement. With a beam boat you can stay on the move 100% of the time which give you higher defense rate; as opposed to my build with will force you to occasionally reverse to get a better shot. But that's just part of the deal of the lance as you will always need to do this at some point if you want to burn someone down quickly. But do note that this is an inherent bonus of beam boats, and not exclusive to the dragon.