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02-29-2012, 09:28 PM
161) Not allowed to question who came up with the name "Klingon" and why it reminds me of feminine hygiene products
162) Not allowed to actually ask a Klingon if that's the reason why their ships have wings
163) Not allowed to bring up above subject in presence of actual KDF players
164) Starfleet 'carebear' regulations prohibit me from warping into a fleet battle, spamming hundreds of chronitron torpedoes in massive salvoes single-handedly destroying the entire Mirror Universe invasion force then warping out immediately leaving newbies' questions of 'how do u fire so many torps?' unanswered
165) Not allowed to mock slow exploration cruisers as I fly rings around them in my little Jem'Hadar enhanced 'science' vessel whist doing far more damage to the enemy
166) "Additional Orion Ladies" is not a valid requisition
167) Bribing Ferengi traders for said 'commodities' also prohibited. Something about 'hygiene' and 'cultural' reasons.
168) Not allowed to retort that certain officers' holodeck programmes are very 'interesting' yet free from such preposterous regulations.
169) Not allowed to patrol Exchange for stupendously cheap rare items and resell for 10,000% profit
170) Not allowed to wear spaghetti tops and tube dresses on away team missions
171) Not even if covered up with a cardigan. "Photonic armour", "psychological warfare", "Counselor Troy does that to make her clients more at ease" are also not valid excuses.
172) Not allowed to retort that Uhura's TOS uniform fares no better practicality wise
174) Bringing a sword to a phaser fight is a bad idea
175) Not allowed to leave hair unbound when entering melee combat
176) Even if waist-length hair is depicted as standard fare in the background graphic of this very forum
177) Hosting zero-gravity flash mob pillow fights on the bridge is not allowed
178) Not allowed even if the gravity plates are on
179) Pillow fights not allowed anywhere else on the ship
180) Beaming a cargo hold full of tribbles onto the bridge of an enemy ship is not a valid Starfleet tactic
181) Even if logically, it would make the Klingons go raging mad, instantly crippling the ship
182) Carrying a tribble to a boring diplomatic conference with the Klingons is not allowed
183) Not allowed to have pillow fights with Gorn diplomats
185) I am not allowed to ask a lady cadet to 'remove her kit and unbutton her blouse from neck to midriff' in public
186) Not even if she requests me to teach her how to remove that ugly kit and equip her open shirt costume
187) Not allowed to demonstrate said maneuver OOC
188) Against photonic rights to deploy the Emergency Assault Hologram to an unsanctioned ground combat tournament
189) Even if said duty officer assignment were labelled "Extreme Risk" and sending an actual being to take part would be illogical