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02-29-2012, 09:38 PM
Originally Posted by Cyell
Well it's 180 deg. The 90 deg is only for the torp/DBB, which if you wanted to replace either one for a 3th/4th cannon, you would have 180 deg firing arc on all 7/8 weapons. I mean, the build isn't set in stone, you can make changes to it as you see fit. And even with 3 or 4 cannons the dps is still slightly higher than beams.
Okay so you are using Single Barreled Cannons to achieve a 180 Degree Firing Arc. My Mark X Phaser Beam Array does 168 DPS with a 2.5% chance to disable 1 Sub-system for 5 seconds. In addition it has a 250 Degree Firing Arc. I usually load a total of 7 of these types of weapons onto my Odyssey Cruiser, if not even higher level ones. So that comes to approximately 1176 DPS + 7 different 2.5% chances to disable a subsystem. Now looking at a similar Mark of Cannon and Turret, you will end up with approximately 1110 DPS if you include a Torpedo in the mix. In fact I don't think there is any way your set up actually can out DPS my set up in the long run.

And this is purely using Phasers, this doesn't even take into account Anti-Proton Weapons or anything of that sort.

2) The damage out put is slightly higher with cannons, as well as higher proc rates. In return it is much more difficult to pilot, which seems a decent trade off, so everyone has to decide what's right for them. I just personally prefer the higher dps, and am willing to put in the extra effort for face time.
Actually I just debunked that point. The Damage Output may technically be higher on Cannons, but unless you are using nothing but Cannons both Fore and Aft (which is horribly unwise) you won't be seeing numbers high enough to out DPS a ship that is using 7 Beam Arrays due to the fact that you are also using the significantly lower damage of Turrets to offset your Firing Arc Restrictions.

3) Even if you run 7 or 8 beams, you will still have to get someone in your 45 deg arc at some point for the lance.
I actually don't use a Galaxy X Dreadnought for my Dragon Build. Rather I use the Odyssey Class. Save for the fact that the Odyssey does not have a Lance, and some differences in the Bridge Officer Layout, almost everything else about the build is the same between the two ships. I can possibly acknowledge that your build may be more ideal for use in conjunction with the Beam Lance, but at the same time from the perspective of pure DPS based off nothing other than weapons that don't rely on the ships in built features (such as the Lance), it is usually easier to go the Beam Array route than it is the Cannon route unless you are an Escort.