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Since the last patch, at least once per night the game will lock up - usually at the point where it loads the maps for the next scene in whatever mission I'm running.

It will show 0b/s on the download of the "patches" for the new map or whatever it's loading, nothing will happen from there. I will have to alt-tab, and open task manager, and there it will show that STO is running all 4 of my cpu's cores to 100%

Only remedy is to end the process on STO from Task Manager, and reload, sometimes losing a lot of mission progress, in the process.

Other times, like 10 minutes ago - it has been kicking me off the server - again with 100% load constantly on all 4 cores - usually at the point where it wants to load a new map.

Please fix this, it was fine until the last patch, roll back if u must.

And please, get new hamsters.