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03-01-2012, 12:49 AM
Originally Posted by Pendra80 View Post
Run through the mission again and it is getting better and better.
Thanks. I made all the battles optional, or trigger able depending on the map. I also corrected a few errors in the dialog and toned down the snarky response to the skip dialog. Basically I removed the “Plot’s bore me” from the main skip dialog.

Originally Posted by Pendra80 View Post
Noted several bottles hanging in the air. Just replace them with 10ft invisible area or invisible walls.
The invisible area has a huge trigger radius but you can pass through it like it is not there at all. The invisible walls are blocking, however they have smaller trigger radius. (we really need an invisible area 1ft)
You can localize the trigger effect if you elevate a 10ft invisible wall to maybe 3-4m above or below ground. That will not block but can still trigger.
I couldn’t see the bottles at all but I did take the one that triggers the enemy engagement and lowered it a little more. It still appears to trigger correctly. I will toy with the invisible wall idea you suggested over the next few days.

Originally Posted by Pendra80 View Post
About the forest map, I think you misunderstud me. I didn't opt for more mobs to have more combat. Those mobs should be posted on the perimeter some distance away. So in this sense, they would be only part of the set not actual enemy to defeat. The logic behind it that they are securing the perimeter so noone could enter or leave but they don't deploy inside. Apart from a patrol or two.
I think I got it exactly as you described it now. I moved all the guards out to the perimeter and changed references in the dialog to them appropriately. I also fixed the “Research Facility” map. All the fights there are completely optional except the last enemy engagement.

Thanks again for your feedback. You’ve helped me immensely and I’ve learned a lot.