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03-01-2012, 01:34 AM
Originally Posted by Timberjac View Post
My Ambassador Spock, have 4 DHC and 4 turrets, and with a bit of care, its deadly for anything.
My entire argument in my previous post hinged on the assumption that the person I was quoting was using standard Single Barrel Cannons which have a 180 Degree Firing Arc and that he was not using Dual Cannons or Dual Heavy Cannons which both have 45 Degree Firing Arcs.

If the individual decides to use Dual Cannons or Dual Heavy Cannons, then at the expense of a significantly reduced Firing Arc, yes they most definitely will be able to out DPS a Dragon Cruiser. However ignoring that contingency then there is no chance save by means of using superior torpedo's than the Dragon Cruiser, that the Cannon wielding Cruiser is going to be able to out DPS a Dragon Cruiser.