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03-01-2012, 12:58 AM
Originally Posted by aashenfox
From a machinima perspective, this is conspicuous in its absence. At least when you walk onto your bridge, all your bridge officers should stand to attention and salute. They should also respond to certain emotes, for example, a /salute should get a /salute in return. This is basic stuff, not difficult to implement, the triggers and animations are already there. We can only wish...
Why? You are considered to be on the bridge commanding your ship anyway...
Would you like your BO's to run 8 hour shifts, and announce just before an important battle "my shift's over, get another BO for this station " ?

Originally Posted by Tersur79 View Post
The lack of on my ship interaction is what caused me to drop the game when i baught it 2 years ago. I felt it was the biggest failing of the game that me and my crew had nothing happening onboard our ship. Everything was external. Id welcome ANY addition that changes that.
Customisation. Yes we all want that. We also want shuttle bay, cargo bay, tailor, bank access, exchange access, reasonable AI for the crew so they stop bumping into walls and closed doors, and generally a bit of life added to the interior of the ship instead of random NPCs walking all over the place like they're got nothing better to do.
Originally Posted by aashenfox
We can only wish...
In the mean time, buy keys for 100 CP each.