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03-01-2012, 04:39 AM
Originally Posted by perji
A word on consoles:
1. why is nobody using 2x Field Emitter consoles?
2. why so many hull resist engineering consoles? In my experience, once the shields are down you're pretty much screwed and no amount of resist can help, unless it's 100% resist.
1) You can no longer use 2x Field Generators.
2) Because you can get enough resists to hang on long enough to GTFO, fire off Reverse Shield Polarity or other emergency heals, get heals from other vessels, or similar (plus, think about what hanging on at 20% hull or so with full shields does for Go Down Fighting ^^). Besides, there's really not too much else useful that goes in there, aside from the Universal Consoles and an EPS mayhaps.

Originally Posted by bringram,AdamPD
Plasma-Disruptor Hybrids!
Enjoy them while they last, as they're getting fixed soon. Still, it's nice doing giant piles of DPS more than Mk 12 guns with a mission reward that doesn't rely on sacrifices to the RNG to get