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03-01-2012, 06:35 AM
Originally Posted by Doblinian View Post
I've just completed "Uncharted" and like it.

I like the pace of the mission and am a fan of far-reaching exploration. The experimental engine was well-explained, it makes sense and the amount of technobabble is just right. It was credible.

The intergalactic void had the fluidic space background and it suited excellent. From the moment I warped in it told me: "You're in new, unexplored space now." That felt great!

The not-so-unknown aliens made a surprising appearance and added just the right amount of action and plot.

On a side not, it would be cool if the USS Luna was a Luna-class ship.

All in all, "Uncharted" is a solid experience and can be done conveniently in less than an hour. Leaving the galaxy provides a Sense of Wonder, which is worth two stars already.

Fun mission, thanks!
Thank you so much for playing, Doblinian! I'm glad you enjoyed my mission, and I appreciate the great feeback you've given me!