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03-01-2012, 09:01 AM
The good news is that there's several different things we can try. The downside is that it may take some time. So, if you're willing to be patient with me, I'll do what I can for you and we can see if we can get you back into the game, how's that sound?

Okay, so the first thing I'd like for you to do is to kill all running applications and then open up your list of programs. Let's go ahead and click on Start, then Control Panel. From there, I'd like for you to locate "Programs and Features" without the quotes, and click on it to launch the Programs and Features dialog box.

Now that you've got that open, let's go ahead and scroll down that list and locate "Pando Media Booster" without the quotes. If you find it, go ahead and remove it from your system then try to log into STO.

EDIT: Pando Media Booster is nothing more than a 3rd party torrent software used just like one would use any other torrent software but this is reserved for the gaming community. This software is quite sneaky as it'll simply install to your system without your consent or knowledge in order to share game files related to this or that game. If you'd like to know more about it, go ahead and click here to read about Pando on their site.

Let me know how that went.