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Originally Posted by Naju View Post
I was really enjoying this mission, right up until "Extraction of Steel" (which was a really fun map to look at and run around) where, I'm guessing, a combat between my crew and the klingons standing near the Trademaster killed two of the Trader contacts I needed to talk to to progress?
This has been a problem with the foundry since the start. Contacts aren't protected from death, and certain types of AOE (DoT3 weapons, warp core breaches) hit them. And since they're always level 1, even a little damage is almost guaranteed to be lethal.

A lot of authors have come up with ways to handle it, like having contact dialog be an interaction with an invisible object instead of the NPC itself, having contacts appear only when enemies are killed, or in one case I noticed a second identical contact beam in when the one I was dealing with died.

Edit: In this one I noticed the solution is to look at the map and see where the enemies are. One member of the group near the merchants is off to the right just as you beam in. If you engage him first, the rest will come to you and away from the contacts.