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03-01-2012, 12:08 PM
Originally Posted by 5_Knera_5
Since yesterday when I login the game it patches, if needed, then when I press Engage it crashes and shows a Windows message saying "Cryptic Game Launcher has stopped working". It was fine on Monday all day and night then I gave it a rest on Tuesday, now this happens . I want to know what happened and how to fix this. I haven't changed anything on my computer
Hi there Knera!

You may not have changed anything on your side, however the game itself has been updated quite a bit lately. They (the Devs), may have reissued an update to the GameClient.exe and that will cause your firewall software to reset, as if there wasn't an exception for STO, so it then does what it does best, it keeps the communication from occurring. Granted, that doesn't answer anything for other users, however I'd like for you to disable your firewall and then try to get on. If you can't, let me know, we'll continue to work on this. Otherwise, please let us know if you've managed to get online, so we can narrow this down a bit.