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03-01-2012, 11:28 AM
Long: Can somebody pleaaaase add some life to the ground missions?
It seems every where I go I'm either by myself or creeping up on a patrol.

Medium: It would be cool if we can shout orders from the bridge.

Long: Give the ability to walk outside on top of our ships.

Medium: Add more stuff to do on the brigde.

Short: Add more crew members walking around the ship.

Long: Add a holodeck to every ship.

Long: The option to roam around your ship while in red alert ( fixing plasma leaks ect.)

Short: Add a track list so WE can choose different soundracks from the Star Trek T.V series and movies
while playing the game.

Long: Add realistic effects to astronomical objects ( Extreme gravity on planets where its hard for our ship
to move ect..)

Long: Its not really Sol system if its only one planet. Where are all these at?...........( Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn ect......)