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03-01-2012, 02:08 PM
Originally Posted by Wilv View Post
I would be EXTREMELY shocked if they were free. In all seriousness the game is F2P now and I would expect any major additions, like new ships and species to be C-store items.
Hmmm. Here's my grumpy grump grumpness on THAT subject:

They made ferengi and pakled and regielians all FREE and part of the response I got from Stormshade and Customer Support at the time when asking straight up for some sort of compensation for having bought those races was that playable races were going to be something they got away from as C-Store items.

Seems like everything they said back then ended up being the opposite of what they do.

Game not going Free To Play? Hah, no, it is.
C-Store prices going down? Nah, up.
Dilithium fixing the economy? Nah, not really.
Getting away from charging people to play new races because most of the ones we made didn't sell well at all? Nope, new playable races coming soon, most likely as something you buy!

I'm just going to try my best not to think at all about the fact that almost all the races I bought went free (I also have joined Trill from a box purchase). It really just grinds my gears when I think about it.