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03-01-2012, 02:15 PM
I think the answer is the Doff system. We know an expansion is coming. We know real department heads and first officers are coming. And the last time I checked the "promote your first officer to a playable alt captain" is still in the plans.

Right now the Doff system already has "evaluate Tac/Eng/Sci bridge officer candidate Species X." Among other things it's how the KDF finally got Lethean boffs. All they need to do is add versions that offer Cardassians/Romulans/Remans/Breen/Tholians (dreaming :p)/Etc. Or place them as rewards for other rare doff missions. Then once the first officer to playable alt is in place, bam, instant captain level Fed Romulan. Plus it has the advantage of being IP appropriate as there wouldn't be tons of these rare officers running around. Players would have to spend time playing the doff system to earn them, they'd have to spend time jumping through whatever hoops are required to make them a first officer, and they'd have to then go through the process of making them into an alt. But the end result would still be new playable species that you donít have to spend a dime to get (unless they require you to buy another character slot from the C-Store).