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03-01-2012, 02:43 PM
Dstahl: As you suggest, the issue is not about how many Feature Episode series we are going to be doing, but rather an issue of the game needing more content. Whether or not we do more Feature Episodes, we need to have a steady pipeline of new content. The content team will be focusing on delivering content throughout the year and we will be spending our development time wisely to ensure that what we build benefits the game’s future. In addition, featuring Foundry content is going to highlight the wealth of great content being built every day by our community.
thats politician talk. dancing around the subject using lots of nice words that make it sound like there are actual plans in the works while not even remotely answering the question at all.

i'm extremely wary of people that talk like this

Dstahl: Yes. One of the software strike teams at Cryptic worked on PvP extensively for the last year
I call bs on that one. who was it? why have we heard nothing about it till now? what exactly do you claim is in the works?. sounds exactly like the bs we were fed about half the team working on klingon stuff for season 4

for an ask cryptic, there were very few actual answers and alot of dodging questions using lots of words and 'we plan....' without actually saying anything.

Dstahl: You are partially correct. A majority of characters that were created when F2P launched have hit max level cap by now, but the vast majority of those characters are still playing.
proof? cause there sure are alot less instances than there were a a month ago

overall not impressed at all with this ask cryptic. lots of words with very little actually said