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03-01-2012, 03:06 PM
Serious questions - I am not trying to troll. It's quite possible I'm misunderstanding something about ship power.

How are you maintaining your power levels with 4 forward facing cannons + 2 turrets? You're losing 12+12+12+8+8 = 52 energy when firing. Even if you're at 125 that brings you down to 73. Running the 4+2 setup that brings your damage to 256*4+132*2=1288*(73/50) = 1880 DPS.

Remove one DHC and you end up with (256*3+132*2)*(85/50) = 1754 DPS + 458*1/10 (shield pen on a photon torp is 10%, correct?), which leaves you at 1800DPS. Slightly lower before shield penetration, but once you tear down a shield it's devastating. If you turn your torpedo autofire off you can truly make that count by firing just before a shield drops.

(I know power levels don't work exactly like that, but seriously, the math for figuring out the exact utilization is super complex)