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03-01-2012, 03:19 PM
Get rid of the aft torpedo launcher and replace it with a turret. Turrets are always firing, an aft torpedo laucher willl only fire when you're headed away from you're target. In an escort you should be yanking, banking and strafing so most of your firepower should be forward. It is possible to run 4 DHC and 3 turrets, but I like to keep a torpedo launcher up front. If you're using a set of energy-type specific tac consoles weapon power level hardly every goes down.

With the Defiant-R you have an Ensign tactical slot. Even if you're running two tac teams (which you should be) you'll still have that extra ensign slot. So put in a forward torpedo launcher with Torpedo Spread I and you'll have some extra pop for strafing runs, or crowd control against probes in KA.

Get the assimilated console and borg set now. I wouldn't bother with the Mk X. Get the MACO Mk XI shield when you can. Use borg set/Maco shield combo until you get the full MACO set.