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03-01-2012, 03:23 PM
235). I may not use the following words (in singular or in plural) in my mission reports: Spoonhead, Shellhead, Dingus, Pimpmobile, Forest Bride, Going Native, Ratika's Law, Strapped, Ride Up, Homey, Metal (as a descriptive term), Japan, Sweaty Excitement, My Dark Overlords (both in referring to my superior officers and my enemies), Gibbed, Fragged and Gibbled Sandwich.
236). A mission report with a set minimum word limit does not imply that I should repeat the same word over and over.
237). I may not submit my mission reports in the following formats: semaphore, morse code, binary, African drums, bugle, smoke signals, Klingon opera, .txt file and as a spoken word song.