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03-01-2012, 05:11 PM
Originally Posted by Zomb1 View Post
i would be more curious abaut if there will be any ways in the future to optain the bug xD, im a free 2 play player who didnt had the chance to get it, altough i love my escort n kinda wana try the bug out.

As for the galor, already workin on those boxes got few in my inventory to open again maybe i will have luck, but its a crusier, the bug is more like an escort. Comparing an Escort and a Crusier is like comparing a pen and a pencil, -> pointless , both have their usefullness elswhere IMO.
Well, I have a Galor and have been a long fan of escorts since I started playing this game. I don't have bug, but right now I'm mostly flying my Galor. It's the most escort like cruiser you can get, IMO. It can't turn like the bug, but only the BoP can match that thing, turn wise. Honestly, it flies like a slightly beefier Fleet Escort.

But I will submit that weapon wise, it's a silly comparison entirely. One can support DHCs, the other maxes at SCs.

If you fly it and load it like a beamed out fleet escort, you will enjoy it a lot more than trying to force it into a DHC crazy defiant mold.