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03-01-2012, 05:28 PM
Alikkon, thanks for the math lesson. Really! I never looked at the computations (at all) that way and didnt realize the only reason i wasnt sucking weapon power wind was that console keeping me in the fight.

Bringram, thanks for your advise too. I do enjoy the Torp up front and yes, i'm running 2 - Tac team 1s. Frankly I forget right now what's in that reamining ensign slot but I think it's scatter or volley 1.

Looks like i'll be shopping for 2 of the 3 Borg pieces with my 10 Marks. another 5 shouldnt be a prob. then time to start saving up for the MACO shield. then plan towards full Maco MK-II. that's the kind of plan i was looking for.

xixboneheadxix, you're right I should change out those white tac consoles ASAP, but the Exchange is so damned expensive on anything Phaser or Disrupter. I get disgusted and refuse to pay those prices ... and drops havent been kind to me. But alas ... you're right. they must go!