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# 3 Generational Issues?
03-01-2012, 09:11 PM
Yes I agree there is a lot of this going on. Not sure if I would say STO has any more or less of it than other games though. I have been playing online games for 'many' years(10+) and it seems to me since my first MMO less and less people are willing to communicate. Could it be that the time for online games will come to an end because of this? I don't know but it does strike me astrange that people play online games ostensibly in order to play with real live people yet refuse to communicate or limit thier communication to only those people that scratch their backs just right. I feel that such exclusive and obtusive behavior is rather anti-thetical to the entire concept of online gaming, but the community makes the game not me.

Somewhere along the line in my first mmo ( Everquest) I too was a bit upset at people who have taken this elitist attitude. The 'my way or the highway' attitude that many people seem to adopt imo is ruing the game experince for many. While these types may feel that they are justified in such a view citing that people that do not do 'such and such' are not good players newbs or some other such drivel, I disagree and think that this may be a big contributor to the issue.In sto people are likely to say 'I am not here to talk- I am here to kill Borg..I knwo how to do it so don't tell me how " This leads to a catch 22.

There is more than one way to defeat an stf. Yes there are better and worse ways , but the best way is a way that works that all team members are playing. I have fallen into the bad habit of automatically going to the far transformer on the left in KA space for example and was called on it once. I am sure I was put on an ignore list even though I just did it by habit..ONCE. We didn't fail the optional objective and I responded when spoken to, but my point is people do things differently and sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what the group wants to do. Sometimes it is easy to just look at what people are doing and 'fill in the balnk' othertimes(especially when people are new or do things different ways) it isnt. I think it wold be just common courtesy to make a statement at teh beginning of the STF and say we are going to 'do it this way to day and get people to anti up for roles. This often happens but too often does not.

Also it shoudl be mentioned that the nature of MMOS is even more international than it once was I much more commonly come into contact with people from other countries that do not speak english well.I don't think this explains the entire problem today, but t can be an added contributor(although I don't consider that a problem per se)