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Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
The most important thing for any Non-Cruisers:
You can run Emergency Power to Shields indefinitely. Why would you do that? Because it gives you not just some healing, and not just some extra power levels to your shield (which increases your shield resistance and shield regeneration), but it also gives you additional shield resistance. And this shield resistance reduces incoming damage notably and can keep your shields (and thus you) alive a lot longer than using the same power slot for a hull.

If you want to make your live easier in PvP and PvE, slot two EPtS. You can start doing that at Commander LEvel on any ship, and you'll not regret it. (One could argue that EPtS is too good, even.)

Basically, my first three tips to anyone having any problems in space combat, is to:
  • Use the attack preset
  • Distribute Shields
  • Equip two Emergency POwer to Shields
(As always with build advice, one you used and figured out whether it worked and how it worked, start tweaking and find something that works for your specific preferences.)
and don't forget the synergy of EPTS, Sci Team and or RSP. you drop all three at once and you go from no shields to well north of 90%

Originally Posted by DarkNovaSC View Post
For escorts (Fleet Escort excepted) with only the two Engineering slots to play with, do you believe the utility of Engineering Team 1 would generally be outweighed by the shield benefits from having two copies of EPtS outlined above?
you can generally live without eng team, by replacing with hazard emitters. nice thing is HE doesnt screw with sci team cooldown