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03-01-2012, 09:26 PM
I use that build mostly for STFs. I like Gravity Well for the slows and crowd control. Same for Photonic Shockwave, it helps to push ships away from the Kang on Cure for example. I do have a spare B. Off with Rift that i switch in for PVP or if I don't have a retarded STF group, however.

Charged Particle I found is a bit stronger than Tach Beam, or can be if you spec for it and use particle generator console, the down side is that you have to be close to your target for it to be effective. With my playstyle though, I like to get in close. So I chose CPB over Tach Beam.

Charged Particle and Photonic also help give me some breathing room for when I get surrounded. You can also use Photonic to push enemies back into the gravity well or into ships about to explode.