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03-01-2012, 10:16 PM
Originally Posted by Pendra80 View Post
I run it again and noted that the city walls are flickering. I didn't spot this earlier because I always took the scenic route. This happens because you used the same X or Y value for the given wall line with overlaping blocks. To fix it, add +-0.001 to every 2nd block, should not be noticable but would remove the flicker.

I was thinking about the end fight. You may want to up the mobs a little. I jumped on the whole group and they couldn't even get close. BTW what kind of mobs you use, orion?
I just noticed that they are next to a trench. I don't know if this is intentional or not, but it would make a great war scene. Put them into the trench in a line, facing toward the city. Then drop down 2-3 layers of sleeping bags (+0.3 elevation/layer). Or just make a few machine gun pits and make them kneel there.

Something like this:

Also noted that the bottles are gone and the plating points are placed very accurately. Nice.
Thanks for the additional feedback and it took a little playing with to move the bottles and still get the same effect out of them. Also appreciate tip on the city walls. That is a good trick. I'll do that tomorrow and I'll look at creating the battle gun pits. I actually used Romulans, I didn't think about the Orion's. I might change them up to that. It would probably lower the player level requirement too.

Thanks again for all the help.