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03-01-2012, 11:47 PM
If I want to have proper communications with other people I'll just hit on 4 people I am familiar with and we run a private STF - viola, problem solved.

The lack of coherent team comms is not just an STO issue.

PUGs work quite well for simple PvE fleet battles but with a complex set of tasks and/or time limits, it's best to run an STF privately.

I have had great teamwork in episode missions, PvE queues and even in the hourly Borg Red Alerts despite little to no communication, why discriminate against the STF PUGs? It's the complex scenario that proves to be the killer for unorganized groups and those people need to realize that in their own way. We can't do nothing to change their mindset.

I also do appreciate people giving orders on CE missions and usually try to accomodate them, but sometimes, the tactics posted just won't work and I frustrate myself watching all the un-intercepted small fragments rapidly heal up the crystal anyway.That's why, once again, if I want to see a properly executed CE run, I watch the big fleets do it on youtube.

I would rather everyone takes a break, park the ship for 2 minutes and read up on the CE mission on STOWiki, and then people would really know what and what not to do in the CE mission.