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03-01-2012, 10:57 PM
Technically one person should protect the Kang or else it gets blown up and mission is over. This happened a few times I was playing it so now I take a moment to see if anyone is going to defend and usually end up having to do it myself. Once it is down to one cube I leave the Kang and finally get to do something other than extend shields, repair the Kang and shoot down the never ending stream of Raptors trying to blow it up. Not that they are hard to beat.

As for farming the Raptors I have yet to get anything off them except a card lock box... Ooooooo.... Still the times I protected the Kang we completed all objectives!

Also I don't sit right on top I am just within extend shields distance so I can get a jump on the incoming raptors.

There really is no need for more than one person protecting that ship though unless you all have really weak ships in which case you probably shouldn't be in STF anyway.

As for the Gate STF I was in there for 40 min yesterday as I was the only one taking out the generators and repair borgs and everyone else was firing at the gate doing 0 damage or attacking another major part without taking out the generators first!!!! That or sitting way off waiting for it all to end to get the prize as it were...