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03-02-2012, 12:55 AM
Originally Posted by micha1x2
really nice post, learned a lot but a few questions.
when talking about 3xDHC +1x Launcher vs 4xDHC you only talk about DPS. But shouldn't we take into account that enegy weapons are better for shields and torpedos are better Hull damage? And in STF you're often firing on things without shields or probes where shields are done with the first volley. Especially when the clock is running.

And for waepon choice.
I often read that Anti Protons are the best. But the differences are really small right? I have 3,4% crit chance for my ship + 2% on the weapons. Quite possible I missed something but with 5,4% Anti-Proton will do around 1% more damage in general (20% more damage when it crits but only around every 20th hit will crit).
So first if you go for Anti Proton you have to get as much crit as possible . Second with such a small bonus maybe other weapons are better. How much damage do you get from the 10% debuff from Disruptors? The Debuff helps all players firing on the target right? And how effective is the Subsystem Disabling proc from Phasers? Could imagine it could be really useful in PVP.

For flying backwards. Never noticed that, thx. Though if it means you can fire on all 2/3 targets at ones without getting damage from cube/gate maybe flying backwards is still a good choice for a while.
The main reason folks say that APs are the best is because their special ability is always on, it's passive, it's not a random chance proc. Using AP you will get higher crit chance and bigger crits. The phaser proc of disabling a random subsystem can be very powerful as well, but when they fix the hybrid weapons bug, AP will be back on top as the DPS weapon of choice. If you fly in a fleet consider that it would be optimal if someone was providing the disruptor proc, if nobody is, mayb ehtat could be you

As for flying backwards, it should only be done by cruiser captains to turn faster, there is no reason for an escort to do it.