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03-02-2012, 02:33 AM
I was able to do some testing tonight on AP vs Plasma Disruptor here's what I got. The numbers are from a combat parser during the assimilated carrier battle in Cure. I run torpedo spread I, two cannon scatter volley II and alternate between attack pattern delta I and attack pattern omega III. I use a quantum torpedo [borg] and 4 Mk XI energy specific tac consoles. Range less than or equal to 5k.

With 3 MK XII AP DHC [borg] & 3 AP MK XI [borg] turrets= 3686 DPS
3 MK XI Plasma Disruptor DHC, 3 Mk XI disruptor turrets= 3154 DPS

I could dig up my Mk XI AP DHCs but so far this tells me that a set of plasma disruptors would be a cheap and easy way to do competitive DPS until you start doing Elites and can get a set of Mk XII APs.

What do you guys think?

edited because I was apparently sleep typing last night. The turrets are disruptor not plasma-disruptor.