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03-02-2012, 04:55 AM
Well oddly enough it works. I didn't have the weapons I wanted. This character was maxed out before any of that messy PVE stuff was invented.

Loaded up a Hargh' Peng, Bio Neural, Transphasic, and a Tricobalt fore. Tricobalt mine and Chroniton Torpedo aft. I did equip 3 kinetic damage consoles and the honor guard 2 piece bonus.

Only got to get in one cap and hold. Didn't bother with retraining all my BOFF's so i was using Torpedo Spread 1 and 2. And the cloak seemed to work very smoothly. The big torpedoes seemed to be shot down half the time, but its not like I have a lot of data to go on. Without being able to reliably do hull damage with this build, I wasn't killing anything very fast. A few times when there where large battles going on it was very easy to just pop in and out and just keep unloading shots. One on one it is a bit more difficult, and the lackluster damage on the shielded targets makes that a poor option.

Transphasics get a buff and this is something you could seriously try. Also if i wasn't so interested in seeing if the cloak worked I may have spent a bit more time properly timing my Spreads so that I could do 2 for each attack. But I didn't. Maybe today.