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03-02-2012, 04:56 AM
Originally Posted by bringram View Post
I was able to do some testing tonight on AP vs Plasma Disruptor here's what I got. The numbers are from a combat parser during the assimilated carrier battle in Cure. I run torpedo spread I, two cannon scatter volley II and alternate between attack pattern delta I and attack pattern omega III. I use a quantum torpedo [borg] and 4 Mk XI energy specific tac consoles. Range less than or equal to 5k.

With 3 MK XII AP DHC [borg] & 3 AP MK XI [borg] turrets= 3686 DPS
3 MK XI Plasma Disruptor DHC, 3 Mk XI plasma disruptor turrets= 3154 DPS

I could dig up my Mk XI AP DHCs but so far this tells me that a set of plasma disruptors would be a cheap and easy way to do competitive DPS until you start doing Elites and can get a set of Mk XII APs.

What do you guys think?
Is this after the "fix" to the hybrids or before? They are losing their secret dmgx10 modified in the newest patch.
And where did you get plasma-disruptor turrets??????