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03-02-2012, 05:52 AM

I believe the Duty Officer System gives way too much experience.

(I was level 20-ish last weekend, playing some missions.
During the week, I just logged in for ten minutes two or three times a day, and assigned as many duty officer missions as I could find [Earth Spacedock, Sirius Sector, Delta Volanis]. To my surprise, I am now level 30 - it feels kinda strange and exploit-ish to gain one level per day just using the DOFFs)

b) A MANUAL would be very useful to noobs.
Many concepts are poorly explained by the ingame text; e.g. I still have no idea what a Warzone is and whether or not it's pvp, I wasted at least 2 purple Boff Candidates training white Boffs in useless skills [did not understand the UI], etc.

c) Market and Mail system needs an update
Whenever I post stuff, it tells me "Auctionfailed: Item successfully posted".
I have stuff listed under "Sell" that does not show up when I search for this item in "Buy".
Is there any way to delete ALL mail at once?

d) Collected Anomaly Materials: icons too small in R&D:
When trying to make an item in Memory Alpha, it is very hard to determine which kind of raw material will be used in manufacturing: The icons are too small. Mouseover only gives me the name, which is useless since the stuff is in the bank. Most people seem to use Excel to determine which materials get used.
Suggestion: Change the mouse-over tooltip to show the Color, Icon, and level marker (Dots) for that material [instead of its name]

e) BOFF rank / skills UI
I'd very much appreciate an improved, more understandable way of sorting and upgrading your bridge Officers that does not involve ten minutes of mouse-over and making notes in Excel. [Still frustrated because I wasted at least two purple BOFFs teaching useless skills to the white Boffs from the tutorial. And yes I'm a noob in this game. And yes, I like it a lot, or I wouldn't be writing this message :]