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03-02-2012, 06:26 AM
Originally Posted by zarathos1978
I'm yet to meet a Klingon who wont attack me or my team mates the moment they spawned. Leading to the situation when people rather alt-tab and close the game then respawn to be killed before they can start moving.

I'm not saying that you or other Klingons don't play fair. Just that I still have to meet one.
I have yet to meet anyone that doesn't attack on respawn or spawn-in. Mainly I think becuase way too many players use Autofire which kicks in the moment the spawn goes live.
If you shoot me, I shoot back tends to be the rule.
The only true spawn campers are those players that stay at spawn after they ahve wiped the oppossing faction players out and continue to shott them as they re-spawn back in.
I've seen plenty of CFs on zone respawn that where intense and then all involved finally moved away to do thier own thing.
To say its just the Klinks camping is silly.