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03-02-2012, 06:29 AM
Originally Posted by Mavairo
Wait....... he didn't just say they have been hard at work with pvp over the last year did he?
Did he do it with a straight face?
18 days...
Yes, he did. However, what I think he was saying is that they have had a team at Cryptic working on changes to the engine that will provide them with new tech to use for PvP across their games. How that will play out, I don't know, but I can see how this can happen w/o any changes being visible to us.

Note he didn't say they have been working on updates to skills, powers, maps, consoles, etc..., just that they have new tech they plan on rolling out. When Cryptic makes engine changes it affects all of their games. It is expensive and time-consuming (the same thing, most likely) and would be completely behind the scenes.

He also, rather specifically, stated that he didn't know how it would play out in terms of updates to maps or the creation of new maps completely.

It all adds up to me, and gives me hope. If it is just spin, I'll be disappointed, but this is really what we've been asking for all along. Updates to the engines that will give the STO design team more options for PvP. Maybe there will be tech to add the leaderboards we keep asking for. Or new game types. Or new maps, with new types of hazards, blinds, etc... We don't know, but the way he worded this feels right for what we've been seeing in game (nothing) and the things they have told us they are working on (soon, with change of ownership pitfalls...twice).