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03-02-2012, 06:52 AM
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in my 16 years carrier as sysadmin/tech support, i never ever had to format hdd and resinstall OS.

format/reinstall "solliusion" is only used from ones that dont have a clue how to deal with the problem ...

besides, formating hdd with company finansical databse for example .... isnt not good idea
But that's what corporate system backup policy is for...

In the case of a malicious trojan app, you have no idea (and in the case of a well written trojan) and no record of what files have been modified or replaced.... And the design of the Microsoft libraries (convenient for patching) makes it very easy for a Trojan to gain root access very early in the boot process and mark its files invisible to anti-virus scans...

If you've ever worked as a Sys-Admin for a Financial institution, (or a security programmer at a company that supplies equipment for them...) you would have a very different take on this issue...