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03-02-2012, 09:54 AM
Yeah, I tried the alt tab thing also, it works for other problems like a map being laggy, but for this specific problem nothing seems to help.

It is good that it seems to be a very specific problem which might help you to figure out the problem faster. Each time it has happened, it has been at the point where you transition from one part of a mission to another, and it displays the loading screen whilst loading the next portion of the mission.

That specific moment is when it freezes and runs the cpu cores to 100% The moment where it requests the new maps to download from the server, and I presume gets no response from the server. Therefore it just sits there saying "patching # files 0b/s" and runs the cpu cores to 100%

Only remedy I have found is to close the client completely, and reload from scratch.

Frustrating because you dont always re-enter the mission at the point you were at when you had to close the client.