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03-02-2012, 10:06 AM
Originally Posted by fuzun View Post
In regards to nameing the C-Store variants, why no just use some real world inspirations. For planes, they just tack on a letter to indicate the variant. i.e. F-16 C. The US Navy uses a similar scheme. LSV is a Logistical Support Vessel. The variant has have additional destinations. Helicopter Carrier variant is LSV-HC. Troop Carrier variant is LSV-TC, semi-submersible variant is LSV-SSV.

I'll have to ponder on the Odyssey variants. The base line version has the shuttle base on the read so, Small Vessel Support: Odysseys SVS. C-Store version, Tactical Support or Escort Carrier? Odyssey TS or Odyssey EC.
Or simply we have the full bugget Odyssey class, with saucer separation, auxiliary vessel and additional BO, and we have the low bugget (as nebula are to galaxy) with one of that features.

Really we known that in crisys eras, buggets are very limited and with the klingons, borgs, romulans, 8472 species, breen, organians.... the bugget must be very short. I question to me.... the klingon ship become with cutting bugget measures as well?....

Thanks for the fun, sorry for my bad english.

P.D.: my eternal gratitude to all team members that READ the comm chat in STF and don't destroy nanite generators or cubes before time!!!!