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03-02-2012, 11:27 AM
Originally Posted by CaptainHorizon
as i stated before, my suggestions are just things to consider. its hard to find a right, and wrong here, just different ways to tackle the same scenario.

i will ask you this though: you used your ramming speed to survive what? im confused there. ramming speed drops all of your power levels...including shields....which greatly reduces your ability to survive. if you are using ramming speed as an extra "evasive" then i would advise against that.

ramming speed is for 1 thing. suicide runs that you hopefully survive. and you should always hit BFI and any other hull hardening ability you have before you run in. delta works...polarize, hazzard emitters.. aux2sif. unless your target is stacking some serious hull are gonna do some incredible damage if you hit straight hull. i know, because i do it a dozen times everyday. anywhere from 15k all the way up to 40-50k rams. no ship in the game can take that and either not die...or be seriously compromised. either way, you did your job as an a lot of a small window of time.

and after you get used to it, you begin to start to seriously look at ramming speed as one of your best options for dealing damage. its hard to say....a beamoverload3...or torp high yield3....those miss a lot. and you will survive way more than you think too....all the while taking advantage of that go down fighting boost....which scales with how low your hull is.

just things to real right or wrong...better applicable use of powers in certain scenarios...possibly....but certainly not wrong choices.
Oops, I guess I had read the stats on Ramming Speed wrong. Maybe that's why my hull started dropping faster towards the end. I was using it as a speed boost to get away or collide with the enemy. Mostly for the former.