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# 1 Share Your Cruiser Loadouts
03-02-2012, 12:57 PM
I was looking up the best loadout for my assault cruiser and it got me wondering what everyone's favourite and most hated cruiser builds are, so if you've got a good build or know of an incredibly stupid one, please share it here!

My current loadout is:


Fore Weapons:
Borg Photon Torp Mk XII
Phaser Array Mk XI [Dmgx2]
Breen Cluster Torp
Borg Dual Polaron Beam Bank Mk XII

Aft Weapons:
Phaser Array Mk XI [Dmgx2]
Photon Torp Mk X [Dmg]
Phaser Array Mk XI [Dmgx2]
Borg Quantum Torp Mk X (thought I got the Mk XII )

Assimilated Borg

Assimilated Borg

Assimilated Borg

Engineering Consoles:
Assimilated Borg
Common RCS Acc Mk XII
Common Ablative Armor Mk XII
Rare Neutronium Armor Mk XI

Science Consoles:
Antimatter Spread (from Venture Class)
Field Gen (+35% Cap)

Tactical Consoles:
Uncommon Directed Energy Manifold Mk XII
Uncommon Directed Energy Manifold Mk XII
Rare Directed Energy Manifold Mk X

34 Scorpion Fighters
Weapons Battery - Large
Subspace Field Modulator

Planned Changes:
M.A.C.O. Deflector
M.A.C.O. Shields
Energy Weapons to 1 of these:
Will change Tactical Consoles to the appropriate type (Antiproton Mag etc)
Might get rid of Aft Photon Torp
Also Might change RCS to hull armor as I never notice much difference
Finally might get Mk XI [Acc] [Dmgx2] beam arrays from dil store

I know its a far from perfect build but I hope to change it even more
BTW I'm a Tac officer

Thanks For Reading!

P.S. If you want I could post BOFF abilities as well