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03-02-2012, 01:32 PM
First off,you may want to drop that second field generator as they don't stack.

Assault Cruiser:


2x AP Beam Array MK X
1x AP DBB MK X and
1 x Quantum Torp MKXII[Borg]


3xAP Beam Array MK X
1 x Qauntum Torp MK XI

Borg Deflector
Borg Engines
Aegis Shields(Savin up for MACO XI)


Shield Batteries.
Wepaon Batteries
Subspace Fields Modulator
48 Scorpion Fighters

Eng: RCS Accelerator MKXI(Blue),Assimilated Console.EPS Console,Antimatter Spread
Sci:Field Generator,Field Emmiter(No point in using two field generators as the don't stack)
Tac: 2x AP Mag regualtor Mk XI(26%),1x Zero Point Quantum Chamber Mk XI(26%)

Been flying an escort for now so I might have forgotten one console or another,but it's basicaly that.
My Sugestions:
Antiprotons, they seem to be the beetter thing these days.
And put more beam arrays in there, drop some launchers, even with the sov you're not going to be facing your enemy that much.