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03-02-2012, 03:22 PM
Originally Posted by Pendra80 View Post
Yep, it will lower to any level. However, orion mobs are generally weak and have a high tendency to do bare hand close combat. Nausicans are thougher but still any level. They like to pull out a huge machete and use that in close combat once in a while.
The romulans don't do close combat as far as I know, but strong mobs have medics and engineers.

Oh, crate - generic ship 01 and 02 would double for older ammo crates. They are small and boxy.
Okay, so I changed the walls by moving every other one in as you suggested.

The enemy fight at the end of the Weapons Depot map are now Orion's with the Fekara skin. This makes the mission available for all levels. I didn't place them as if in trenches ready for battle but as if they are in ranks getting ready to march out for battle. This also releases all of them at once. Folks, let me know if that is too much.

I added some more features on that side of the map to be in keeping with the war like blasts like the rest of the map.

I will continue to monitor the feedback here and in the game as well.

Thanks for your help throughout. I think it has gone from a good mission to a great one. At least I hope so...