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03-02-2012, 05:40 PM
Originally Posted by Savesh
A fun write up. Just a note to the author, most psychotherapists don't call their clients 'patients' anymore. It's an antiquated term that can create an additional level of paternal separation between client and clinician; which most of the time is counter productive to a therapeutic alliance.

If you want to go for an additional level of authenticity, I would recommend using the term 'client' for characters engaging in mental health treatment, counseling, or psychological evaluation.
I think patient makes perfect sense here. For one thing, client sounds like someone is paying. The Changeling isnt paying for this. She is a prisoner who is there for war crimes during the Dominion War. It also fits with the terminology used during the shows. The doctors always used the term patients and so did Counselor Troi.

I like these little write ups. They definitely help with creating atmosphere before the missions.