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03-02-2012, 05:49 PM
249) When stranded on a planet with help days or weeks away, I am to call my fellow castaways by their names, not the means of which i plan to prepare them as food.
250) I am not allowed to suggest Klingons with large starships are compensating for something.
251) I am not to follow my D'jarra and become a bomb maker.
252) "The Prophets told me to" is only an excuse for Captain Sisko, not me.
253) I am not allowed to suggest that Remans are what happens when you feed a Romulan past midnight.
254) I will not throw water on Remans.
255) "Ratika's Law" refers to the reason i'm banned from Risa, and is not something to be proud of.
256) I am not allowed to build sculptures out of tribbles on the bridge.
257) The Trill homeworld is not called "Gallifrey".