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# 1 Assistance with Negh'var build
03-02-2012, 09:24 PM
Here's my current build. (I'm a Major general, nearly LT)

4xTetryon DHC Rare forward
3x Tetryon Turrets aft
1x Quantum Mine launcher aft

EPS REgulator
RCS Accelerator
2x Neutronium Alloy
2xBiofunction monitor (not at STFs just yet)
2xtetryon pulse generators
1xprefire chamber

covariant shields
combat impulse engines
tachyon deflector

tac team 1, cannon rapid fire 1
epower to shields 1, directed energy mod1, aux power to inertial dampeners ii, eject warp plasma ii
epower to shields 1, engineering team 2, reverse shield polarity ii
emergency power to aux 1
science team 1, hazard emitters 2

I'm obviously seeing a major power falloff when i alpha strike all my weapons (dem and rapid fire recover some of that), but I'd like to reduce the falloff further while maintaining DPS. I'm not sure whether I should be tryin to replace my consoles, or get vrare impulse engine with better energy boosts or sometihhng. AS well, I'm not sure if my space abilities are optimal (I barely use eject warp plasma since i left my vorcha/d7 for instance).

What's the best way to keep DPS while avoidng major power drains? And are there any better ablities or setups i should be focusing on now? (I really dont know what else my 3rd ensign should have since the epower to shields means i cant use aux without killing off my shield boost chain).

Any tips or advice would be appreciated.